New Beginnings at The Birdie and Bramble

New Beginnings at The Birdie and Bramble

The perfect feel-good romance to curl up with, the first book in a heartwarming new series!

Alison Craig


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'Fun, fab, fresh, joyful and awesome.' Netgalley Reviewer

Can going home be a fresh start?

The Birdie & Bramble used to have queues out the door, especially during high season in St Andrews, but when Maddy Campbell makes her way back home after her father's sudden death, the restaurant and her future seems bleak.

Unsure of how she's going to face the world without her dad, Maddy sets out to sell the business and run back to London as quickly as possible. So when she finds out that the business isn't worth a thing she realises it's up to her to turn the restaurant around. Together with her dad's best friends, faithful family dog Frank and the restaurant staff, Maddy sets out to save The Birdie & Bramble and preserve her dad's legacy.

But as she becomes embroiled in the local town gossip, reconnects with family and bumps into Jack a fellow dog walker with the longest eyelashes in Europe, Maddy begins to wonder if the life she's built for herself is the one she actually wants...

It's a time of change for everyone at The Birdie & Bramble, but could this be a new beginning for Maddy too?

This is the first novel in The Birdie & Bramble series. Don't miss a single book in this hilarious and feel-good series:
1. New Beginnings at The Birdie & Bramble
2. Snowfall at The Birdie & Bramble
3. Blue Skies at The Birdie & Bramble

Reviewers have falling in love with The Birdie and Bramble - have you?

'Well written with loveable and relatable characters, such a heartwarming read'

'This is a brilliant book. I loved the characters. They are well written and relatable
The plot is entertaining and kept me interested until the end. This is the first book in the series and I can't wait for the next one.'

'This is a brilliant book about new starts, family, grief, and friendship. It's one of those book that can be an easy read or make you think if you read them at the right moment in your life.'

'This story so made me want to pack a bag and return for a visit to Scotland!'

'I really enjoyed reading this book, It has a lovely feel good factor, and it is an engaging read.'

'This novel has interesting characters, a great storyline and is unputdownable. Would recommend you give this read a go.'

'New Beginnings at The Birdie and Bramble is the first novel by Alison Craig that I've read and I can honestly say that I will be picking up more of her work in the future. I really liked her style of writing and found this an easy book to read. Her writing is so descriptive and I could honestly picture everything she was describing, especially the food! '

'This is very similar to a Katie Fforde novel. I loved the glorious food descriptions (not to be read if you are on a diet), the cosy small town feel, the morning walks on the beach, the romantic tension between Maddie's boyfriend in London and her new venison supplier for the restaurant. There's a suitably evil Laird, secret identities and nefarious plots to reveal all while serving sumptuous Scottish fare.'