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The Woven Home

Easy Frame Loom Projects to Spruce Up Your Living Space

Rainie Owen


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Simple Weaving Projects for Stunning Wall Hangings, Pillows and More

Learn to create your own handwoven home accents with Rainie Owen, weaving instructor and founder of the online fiber art supply shop The Unusual Pear. Rainie’s unique designs blend natural colors, soft fibers and organic shapes to bring warmth and style to your living space. You’ll love making trendy décor like the Pastel Pop Wall Hanging, which mixes yarn and plush roving for a striking textured effect, and mastering patterns with the geometric Potted Plant Mat—the perfect accessory for your favorite houseplant.

Getting started is simple with a small, portable frame loom that fits right on your desk or coffee table. You’ll even learn how to make your own! Build your skills by moving from simple designs to more complex, detailed projects. In just a few easy steps, turn your one-of-a-kind weavings into practical items like the Tablet Buttoned Pouch and Herringbone Cushion. With Rainie’s foolproof instructions and comprehensive step-by-step images, this book has everything you need to begin your weaving journey.


Rainie Owen:
Rainie Owen is a fiber artist, international weaving instructor and founder of The Unusual Pear. She designs and makes weaving supplies, and hand spins and dyes yarn from her home studio. Her weaving supplies have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and the Etsy Australia Blog, among other publications. She lives in Newcastle, Australia, and ships her fiber art supplies worldwide from